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        Italian Development Center

               for  Cultural and Creative enterprises


CESVIC promote the development and growth

of cultural and creative enterprises through research,

study activities, data processing, exchange of practices

and the formation of the People


CESVIC sensitize private and public operators as well as those regarding

the importance that  culture and creativity for the purposes of economic

and social development of the territories, emphasizing the transversal

action with economy, tourism, and social integration.

CESVIC contribute to strengthening the quality and competitiveness of research and training activities also through specific types of training programs including organizing conferences, seminars, training sessions, meetings and workshops in the various types

CESVIC carry out research, publications, meetings and exchange on strategic issues of the development of cultural production, including the establishment of specific working groups and networks and activating national and international  partnerships

CESVIC develop the design capacity of the cultural and creative sector, to the new methodologies and processes of research and learning and
encouraging tinnovative experiences with the use of new technologies

CESVIC promote opportunities for interaction and cooperation and provide services

for them useful to their business by developing a flexible network of professionalism,

favoring experiences of networking and coworking;

CESVIC promote professional qualifications for skills and areas of activity for purposes related to the recognition the creative professions not organized in associations and boards



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